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Overstock 68

6512-12|Isacryl Synthetic Round Size 12|77.65
30-1011-15|Acrylic Medium #2 Matte 250ml Bottle|36.2
75-3005|Masa 21.25"x31" 86gsm Bright White|1.95
15-40-021|Artino Water-soluble Graphite Set of 10|27.5
15-24-012|Marino Lightfast Watercolor Pencils - tin of 12|26.5
15-24-036|Marino Lightfast Watercolor Pencils - tin of 36|71.5
82-065|Tibetan Cloud Paper 20"x30" 60gsm Forest Green|5.95
82-069|Tibetan Cloud Paper 20"x30" 60gsm Key Lime|5.95
10-261803|La Carte Pastel Card 19.5"x25.5" Sienna|20.95
25-8504-10|Precision Short Handle Round Size 10|21.35
15-41-510|Aqua Brique Tin Set of 10 briques with sponge|27.5
25-P42808-00|POP Display with 72 Mini Traveling Brushes, 10 Bamboo Wrappers and 10 Postcards Pads|1554.9
25-P10612-10|Raphael Travel Precision Brush Set Round 01 Flat 01 & Filb 01|32.95
25-P10612-20|Raphael Travel Precision Brush Set Round 0, 01 & Flat 0|32.95
25-P10612-30|Raphael Travel Precision Brush Set Round 01, 02 Flat 02&Filb 02|43.95
25-P10612-40|Raphael Travel Precision Brush Set Round 01, 03, Flat 01 03|43.95
10-131631-00|Black Wood Box Set Sennelier extra fine watercolors Half Pans with watercolor pads, cloth|199.95

Overstock 70

10-131301-12|Egg Tempera Wood Set 16 21ml Tubes|339
25-13167|Watercolor Travel Set 10 Half pans|31.9
30-517-981|Studio Acrylic 500ml Bottle Buff Titanium|60.5
30-1050-15|Transparent UV Varnish Gloss 250ml Bottle|42.6
10-132566|Oil Pastel Full Assortment 120 Colors 5 each|2940
10-132540-023|Giant Oil Pastel Black|33.75
10-132184|Extra Fine Soft Pastel 180 Color Ass't 3 each|3726
10-132185|Extra Fine Soft Pastel Full Ass't 525 Colors|10867.5
10-132251|Landscape Soft Pastel Cardboard Set of 48|288.95
15-43-006|Paper Blending Stick 12mm|3.1
15-48-020|Starter Pastel Carre Cardboard Set of 12|21.5
10-131517|French Artists' Watercolor 21ml Assortment - 98 color asst|5714.7
75-220542300|Shin Inbe 21.5" x 31", 105 gsm Ash|4.35
10-131680-12|"La Petite Aquarelle" 12-half-pan travel box POP display - 12 sets|377.35
10-121824-00|Sennelier abstract Art Fluorescent Color Set of 5|39.75
10-P135200-00|Sennelier Counter POP with GREEN FOR OIL Assortment|915.9
10-131518-015|Black Wood Box 24 Oil PastelsW/GraphiteStick&Sen Cloth|104.95

Overstock 72

71-30075105|Artistico Trad White WC Sheet 29.5"x41" 640gsm CP|51.45
71-30275105|Artistico Trad White WC Sheet 29.5"x41" 640gsm HP|51.45
71-62975105|Artistico Extra White WC Sheet 29.5"x41" 640gsm HP|51.45
71-91830011|PACK 10 Artistico EW 11x14 140lb HP|27.3
71-91864001|PACK 4SHArtistico EW11x14 640gsm HP|27.3
71-30014561|Artistico Trad Wht Block 18"x24" 300gsm CP 10 Sh|83.95
71-19752005|Studio WC Pad 11"x14" 200gsm 75Sh HP|58.3
71-92020022|Studio WC Pad 9"x12" 200gsm 20Sh CP|12.75
71-92020027|Studio WC Pad 11"x14" 200gsm 20Sh CP|17
71-36901|Murillo 27.5"x39.5" 360gsm Ivory|10.7
71-21111|Rosaspina 27.5"x39" 220gsm Bianco|9.15
71-33022|Tiziano 20"x26" 160gsm Lava Red|3.1
71-33046|Tiziano 20"x26" 160gsm Aquamarine|3.1
20-L84C-8511|Extra Fine Linen 4 Coats Oil Primed, 85"x11yd|3880
10-120023-SF|Acrylique 60ml Assortment (Best Sellers Doubled), 120 Colors|7029.9
71-65600089|EcoQua Staplebound Blank Ntbk Wine 5.8"x8.25" 38 Sh|5.25
71-65600093|Bristol+ Pad 11x14" 20 Sh|26.95
71-65600120|Bristol+ Pad 14x17" 20 Sh|41.95
71-73612040|Studio Watercolor block CP landscape 140 lb 7.8 x 15.75|31.95
71-19100383|Fabriano UNICA Pad 8.25"x11.75", 250gsm White - 20 sheets|20.95
71-19100440|Fabriano Mixed Media Pad 8.25”x11.75”, 160gsm 60 sheets|19.95
71-19100381|Fabriano Mixed Media Pad 8.25”x11.75”, 250gsm 40 sheets|20.95
20-L43U-8511|Heavy Linen 3 coats Universal Primer 85"X11yd|2292
71-19100496|Fabriano Toned Paper Pad 8.25”x11.75”, 120gsm 50 sheets Sand|24.95
71-19100497|Fabriano Toned Paper Pad 8.25”x11.75”, 120gsm 50 sheets Clay|24.95
71-19100499|Fabriano Toned Paper Pad 11.75”x16.5”, 120gsm 50 sheets Clay|44.95
71-19100498|Fabriano Toned Paper Pad 11.75”x16.5”, 120gsm 50 sheets Sand|44.95

Overstock 73

15-48-024|Pastel Carre Tin Set of 24|52.5
15-25-036|Aquamonolith Pencil Tin Set of 36|122.95
15-25-072|Aquamonolith Pencil Tin Set of 72|233.1
15-25-213|Aqua Monolith Pencil Pompeian Red|3.9
15-10000-0312A|Drawing Center 1 - Graphite Display|760.1
15-10000-0314A|Drawing Center 3 Traditional Display|699
15-98-503|Aqua Monolith Display Essential Colors (Asst #1)|1684.8
15-98-504|Aqua Monolith Display Additional Colors (Asst #2)|1684.8
15-98-001|Pocket Set POP with all Pocket Sets|1311
15-91400-2600|Black & White Skull Tin Set - 25 pcs|49.95
15-17-089|Mega Graphite pencils Assortment with Free POP|169.2
15-47-308|Artist Sudio Line Pastel pencil cardboard of 8 “Nature”|13.25
15-47-408|Artist Studio Line Pastel pencil cardboard of 8 “Portrait”|13.25
15-47-508|Artist Studio Line Pastel pencil cardboard of 8 “Still Life”|13.25
15-26-499|Cardboard POP for Leads & Lead Holders|673.2

Overstock 74

71-65600092|Bristol+ Pad 9x12" 20 Sh|19.95

Overstock 75

71-91864003|PACK 2 SH Artistico EW 16x20 640gsm HP|27.3
82-478|Lokta Thick 20"x30" 120 gsm Natural|4.95
82-249|Leather Journal 3"x4" 80 Pages|14.95
82-157|Hemp Brush Bag 4" x 11"|10.95
15-46-472|Artist Studio Set of 72|81.95
82-1028|I HEART JOURNAL SMALL (A6)|8.5
82-1029|I HEART JOURNAL LARGE (A5)|12.5
71-65600481|Fabriano Accademia Pochette 91⁄2”x121⁄2”, 225gsm 12 sheets|9.95
71-65600482|Fabriano Tiziano Pochette 9 ½”x12 ½” , 160gsm 12 sheets|9.95

Overstock 76

15-47-012|Fine Art Pastel Pencil Tin Set of 12|32.95
71-65600088|EcoQua Staplebound Blank Ntbk Lime 5.8"x8.25" 38 Sh|5.25

Overstock 77

Overstock 80

15-28-024|Artist Studio Line Set of 24 Colored Pencils|18.95
15-28-124|Artist Studio Line Set of 24 Watercolor Pencils|18.95

Overstock 82

Overstock 84

Overstock 85

71-65600082|Venezia Art Book 6"x9" 200gsm|23.95
71-19100207|Back to School Notebook - Free Art 10 assorted (2 ea.) 8.25"x11.75", 80gsm|39.9