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A heavy thread with good tooth and tight weave. Very strong and durable, excellent for murals and large scale artworks.

The secret to Artfix’s exceptional quality, smooth surface and luminous undertones lies in their unique protective formula that isolates each individual fiber. This sealant prevents the acid in oil-based primers from penetrating and destroying the canvas over time. After the sealant is applied, as many as four layers of oil-based or universal (acrylic) primer are applied, ensuring that paint will permanently adhere to the canvas without cracking, peeling or flaking when utilizing professionally accepted standards. Artfix offers a conservator-grade painting surface that, when treated properly, preserves finished art century after century. It is this close attention to detail that makes Artfix a premium product for artists.

Artfix is made with the Finest Belgian linen, featuring the longest natural thread (fewer knots) for a strong, flawless surface. Linen’s pH stability is far superior to cotton, whose vulnerability to external and internal acids compromises its permanence. Artfix is double sized for protection against oil paints, allowing uniform “breathing” which reduces paint film stress.

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20-L43U-8555 Coarse Linen 3 Coats Universal Acrylic Primer, 85"x5.5yd 719722485551 $1200.00
20-L42C-8511 Coarse Linen 2 Coats Oil Primer, 85"x11yd 719722385110 $2378.00