Sizing & Primers

Sizing & Primers

Lascaux offers a reliable and comprehensive range of sizing and primers, modeling pastes, gels, mediums, various mediums and additives and varnishes. These are essential for creating and finishing artwork. In addition to providing a vast range of artistic possibilities in painting techniques, they also offer safety in the application and completion of works, from correct priming and individual color modification to the final protection. All painting mediums are acrylic based, and can be intermixed and used with Lascaux artists’ colors.

Proposition 65 Warning

California Proposition 65 Warning

Products with a red * next to the UPC code denote products that require the Proposition 65 label. These products can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


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Color #
Product Name
UPC Code
MSRP (ea)
  • 30-2005-5

    Acrylic Sizing 500ml Jar


  • 30-1120-18

    Gesso 1ltr Jar


  • 30-1120-25

    Gesso 5 Liter


  • 30-1120-16

    Gesso 500ml Jar


  • 30-1121-16

    Primer 500ml Jar



Showing all 5 results