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Pocket Set POP

Pocket Set POP

Cretacolor has two centuries of experience as the primary manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of highest-quality drawing materials in the world. From traditional sketching and charcoal pencils and sticks to those available in the ever popular oil-based Nero range (for black & white work), Cretacolor provides the perfect choice for all sketching and drawing applications. Cretacolor is now launching a line of very convenient pocket sets, to complement the already successful Oil Pencil set of six. These sets are great for artists who want to experience the quality of Cretacolor products. They are also perfect traveling sets for all drawing and sketching opportunities. And no matter the artist’s choice, it is happening under $20.

“Wouldn’t it be great if all the pocket sets could be presented together?” Numerous retailers asked this question and Cretacolor listened.
The compact display – 13” (W) x 6 3/4” (D) x 6 1/2” (H) – is ideal for any counter space. It holds all six pocket sets (Basic, oil pencil, charcoal, nero, drawing and Monolith), seven on the upper ledge for better visibility and fi ve in the lower storage area.

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