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Aqua Monolith Assortments

Aqua Monolith Assortments

Aqua Monolith is a solid watercolor stick protected by a color-matching lacquer. Not only does the pencil offer bold strokes and rich colors, it allows for both large-scale applications and fine detail work. When sharpened, the shavings can also be diluted and used for washes. And it is a very elegant object. T

he 72 vibrant colors are now available in two Cretacolor 36-color cubes that occupy very little real estate (13”x11”x63⁄4”). The racks can be put side-by-side or on top of each other.

The two assortments are: “Essential Assortment of 36 colors” and “Additional Assortment of 36 colors”. In an effort to allow retailers to gradually implement the program, each assortment can be bought individually.

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15-98-502 Aqua Monolith Empty Rack - 13.125"(W)x10.825"(H)x6.75"(D) $0.00
15-98-503 Aqua Monolith Display Essential Colors (Asst #1) $1641.60
15-98-504 Aqua Monolith Display Additional Colors (Asst #2) $1641.60