To: All Savoir-Faire art materials retailers, distributors and online resellers
Re: Sennelier Soft Pastels & Dry Pigments, Cretacolor Hard Pastels


The Art & Creative Materials Institute has determined that California’s “Prop 65” statute requires a warning for pastels and dry pigments containing Titanium Dioxide (TiO2).  This requirement is effective as of September 1, 2012.  Savoir-Faire previously understood that Prop 65 was not applicable to pastels and, therefore, regrets any inconvenience caused by this notice.
Because certain Sennelier Soft Pastels & Dry Pigments, along with Cretacolor Hard Pastels contain TiO2, we are providing Prop 65 signage to retail stores and notifying our partners of the manner in which notices may be distributed or communicated to customers.  
Retail Stores. Placards, consisting of a 4 x 6 card (find download links to the right,) should be placed in close proximity to Sennelier Soft Pastels & Dry Pigments, and Cretacolor Hard Pastels on the shelves of retail stores in California.  Placards may also be requested through email:  In time, all affected products will bear Prop 65 warning labels, at which point use of point-of-sale placards may be discontinued.
Listing in Catalogs and on Websites.  The Notice should appear directly next to product listings in catalogs and on websites that offer Sennelier Soft Pastels & Dry Pigments, and Cretacolor Hard Pastels for sale.  Savoir-Faire recommends that the Notice be utilized even after products have been relabeled.
Catalog and Web Shipments.  Savoir-Faire has posted links (find download links to the right) as a Notice to catalog and web sellers, which should be included with shipments of affected products going to consumers in California.  Such sellers are hereby requested to prepare their own Notices pending receipt of the placards that Savoir-Faire has posted to our website.  Use of mailing placards may be discontinued after the affected products have been relabeled, but only if the Notice, or a similar warning, appears in the catalog or on the web site.
Customer Relabeling.  Savoir-Faire will provide retailers, distributors, and online retailers with new product labels.  Affected products have been posted on our website.  Please request your desired quantity of labels through email:  Savoir-Faire recommends that such labels be applied as soon as they are received.  
Savoir-Faire is most grateful for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.  Please feel free to contact the undersigned if you have any questions about this notice or any other matter related to it.
Best regards,
Elizabeth Parrish
Product Manager








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