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D'Artigny Interlocked White Bristle - large sizes

This brush features interlocked, extra-white hog bristles (chosen for their superior quality) whose natural curve hold the shape of the brush. It is exceptionally strong and durable, offering the artist maximum brush stroke control. The ferrules are double crimped for stability. This brush’s high quality construction and performance and its affordable price make it an excellent value.

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Sku Shape Size Width Hair Length UPC Code MSRP (ea)
25-3590-26 Bright 26 32mm 30mm 3046450036036 $60.65
25-3590-30 Bright 30 38mm 39mm 3046450036050 $101.30
25-3592-26 Filbert 26 41mm 30.5mm 3046450036180 $64.30
25-3592-28 Filbert 28 45mm 35.4mm 3046450036197 $91.80
25-3592-30 Filbert 30 48mm 40.5mm 3046450036203 $107.60