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Travel Brushes 6201, 6202

Red Sable Round Travel 6201

This collapsible travel brush is made of 100% pure red sable without any substitute hairs, with a good reservoir for even flow of color to the point and a long gold brass cap that functions as a handle. They have an excellent spring, snap, and sharp point. This brush makes a great gift for the artist on the go, or to toss in a purse as a cosmetic brush.

Siberian Blue Squirrel Quill Travel 6202

This collapsible pocket version of the famous French quill mop brush has the same features and quality as the top of the line 6234. This versatile brush is perfect for washes and line work, and features extra fine Siberian blue squirrel hair excellent for water holding capacity, a long gold brass cap that functions as the handle, and a genuine hand tied goose quill ferrule.

Travel Brushes 6201, 6202
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6201-04 Round 04 2.4 mm 12 mm 3508710021485 $37.95
6201-06 Round 06 3.3 mm 18 mm 3508710021492 $52.95
6202-0 Round 0 4.2 mm 20 mm 3508710021508 $72.50