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Siberian Blue Squirrel Cat's Tongue 6235

This brush features a traditional French cat’s tongue shape with a delicate pointed tip and a full body. The ultra-fine, extraordinarily soft Siberian blue squirrel hair holds the highest volume of water possible, with the most hairs per square inch, making it ideal for even washes. The different surfaces- point, edge or flat, make it a very versatile brush, and it leaves a distinctive triangular brush mark on flat surfaces.

Siberian Blue Squirrel Cat's Tongue 6235
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6235-02 Cat's Tongue 02 23 mm 6.6 mm 3508710023427 $32.95
6235-04 Cat's Tongue 04 27 mm 11.5 mm 3508710023434 $53.50
6235-08 Cat's Tongue 08 35 mm 22 mm 3508710023458 $113.50