Importing the finest, for 30 years

For 30 years Savoir-Faire has been working to bring the finest art and stationery supplies the world has to offer to American artists. Every product line we represent has been chosen either for longstanding tradition as a premier manufacturer or as an interesting new comer with innovative products and ideas.

Importer and distributor
As both a direct importer and a distributor, Savoir-Faire is committed to forging lasting partnerships with the companies we serve. Because we enjoy exclusive relationships with our manufacturers, we can actively market their products in the United States specifically for the American market. We develop and implement aggressive marketing programs, retail promotions, art competitions and national advertising campaigns for the companies we represent. Our work on their behalf also includes producing color charts and technical brochures, holding product information seminars and creating personalized promotions for every size of retail operation.

Committed involvement
In addition to working with our suppliers and retailers we are constantly seeking the input of artists for product development. Through our long and committed involvement with the artistic community we are able to provide our manufacturers with direction on how to meet the specific needs of American artists.

Painting: Christopher Brown, 2004