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Egg Tempera 21ml Tube Assortment

Egg Tempera 21ml Tube Assortment

Sennelier presents a completely innovative concept in fine art displays with this modular system that creates a Sennelier showroom in your store. The products are beautifully presented in handsome cherry wood veneer merchandisers, making them more attractive to your customers.

With this modular system you can select a specified range of products that fit your needs, and create a custom display to accommodate them. These displays have an extraordinary visual impact. The ergonomic design makes stock management a breeze, and additional ranges are easily added to existing configurations. The Sennelier Mix-n-Match display system is unique in its combination of elegance, design and flexibility.

The Egg Tempera Assortment 21ml Tubes contains 3 each of 33 colors.

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10-131010 Egg Tempera 21ml Tube Full Ass't 33 Colors 3 each 3046450282259 $1641.75
10-176021 Metal Tube Holder 12 Colors Black 21, 34ml 3046450417811 $19.06
10-176306 Labels: Egg Tempera 3046450285465 $4.27
10-WX04-2 Handmade Color Chart Egg Tempera $0.00
10-X21008-02 Egg Tempera Brochure $0.00